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Coming Home: Mindvalley University

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Mindvalley is the leading self-development organization in the world. I recently attended a remarkable University Immersion – a University of a different kind.It was a month immersion of incredible global speakers speaking on a broad spectrum of topics relating to life – everything that we were not taught in school, namely entrepreneurship, finance, relationships, purpose, writing, speaking, coaching, wellness, sexuality, and parenting to name just some.It was about LIFE, as we know & live it – but the aspects of life we seldom talk about.1000 participants came from all over the world – 53 different countries, with their families to live in Pula, Croatia for a month to immerse themselves in the wisdom of leading global thought leaders. 

My husband & I had previously attended Mindvalley University in Tallinn, Estonia, the previous year. It was an extraordinary experience & opened my eyes to a different lens on the world.This year, in Croatia, my journey deepened & came full circle to a real understanding & clarity of my purpose & vision. […]

I realized that I had a profound and powerful message. 

And I realized I was about to step into a new journey of courage. The courage to speak my truth. The courage to help others unlock their truth, their shifting identity and purpose. I had a story to tell. A story worth telling. 

Between Tallinn and Pula, I had evolved. Now After two Mindvalley Universities and so many global thought leaders, I was finally ready to step into a new role, a new chapter of my life, not in the pages of a book but on the stage. Exposed. Not hiding behind words. Being utterly visible.For so long I had had a fear of not being enough, I wasn’t ‘READY” yet to speak! When was I ever going to be “ready”? Paralysis of course after course was an escape from just starting.

[…] Deep down in my intuitive self I know I have a powerful message to share. And so THIS diploma, in the last part of 2019, is finally crafted around speaking. I told my lecturer what I wanted to talk about. She was ignited. I could see it in her eyes. She hugged me warmly when the lecture ended. She said she would help grow me. And so I stepped into courage.I was home in my land and I was home in my purpose.

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