About Alison.

Speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur

Alison Jessica Weihe is an entrepreneur, integrated living ambassador, motivational speaker, keynote speaker, transformational leadership coach and writer with a passion for helping people uncover their courage and their purpose, to live their best life.

Alison’s entrepreneurial journey started 24 years ago. She helped build up a company from a field in Amalgam, Johannesburg, into an award-winning company that has featured in entrepreneurial magazines, on radio and on television.

Alison’s life has ranged from working in some of the poorest townships in Cape Town to some of the wealthiest suburbs in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has explored different culturescapes and continents, and has come to understand our common humanity.

For decades, she battled with low self-esteem, yo-yo dieting, bulimia and undiagnosed depression. Then, aged 52, she decided to change her life entirely. From a stressed, introverted, complex, 25 kg heavier workaholic, she metamorphosed into an athletic ambassador for integrated living.

Sometimes Alison still can’t believe she has changed both inside and out. Even the shape of her soul has changed. She stepped out from the shadows of self-doubt into the light on a stage of her own making. She realized that she was primarily a storyteller with many stories to share. She speaks about entrepreneurship, health and transformation, as well as about self-belief and manifestation. She is now helping to inspire others, applauded by those who have inspired her on her journey through life.

Alison has been inspired, humbled and forever altered by global speakers and thought leaders on the Mindvalley stage. Mindvalley is one of the largest and most influential personal development companies in the world. They gave Alison the courage to step onto her own stage and share her journey to wholeness. Alison talks about integrated living, not only from a physical perspective but from a mental health and spiritual perspective. Her family is the source of her inspiration.

Alison and her husband of 29 years, Friedel, have been on a long, parallel soul journey. After studying the work of Esther Perel and many others on relationships and conscious sexuality, Alison became more aware and conscious as part of being fully whole. As she became more whole, her marriage evolved. 

Alison had the courage to take action to change her identity. Hearing her tell her story on stage and reading her amazing book will inspire you to untether your own untapped potential and step into the light of who you were truly meant to be.