About Alison.

I am an award-winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, A Transformational Leadership Coach and Author of BELONGING.

Current Roles.

Cofounder and Executive Director at Creative Stone.
Executive Partner at The Mindset Development Institute.
Professional Speaker at Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.
PSASA Speaker Factor Winner 2021
Multiple Entrepreneurship Awards

I am passionate about making sense of life, which has helped me to overcome depression and anxiety. After yo-yo dieting, bulimia and self-doubt, I have finally drowned out the demons of contempt in my head.

Through my ongoing journey, I now help others to also find their healing, power and voice that leads to their wholeness. Moving forward, my identity is built on a healthy loving relationship between food and my body, I no longer fear mirrors or the voices in my head. I now curate my journey of transformation through writing and speaking on stages with confidence, rid of self-doubt.

Helping others to transform out of their unhealthy patterns, has become my life’s passion and mission. Seeing them learn to NOT react to life, but to respond with intentionality as. they take their power back, healing from their current and past trauma, and overcoming self-defeating mindsets, energises me. I desire that others embrace honest vulnerability, as a gentle force that sets them up for victory to take them where they feared to tread. To find their own BELONGING.

My message to you.

Live in grace, find your voices, tell your story. Untold stories the world needs to hear, to take us all beyond a single narrative into colourful narratives enriched with diversity of life. This is how we heal some of the anguish in the world, one conversation at a time, one day at a time.