Alison Weihe.

Speaker, leadership coach, entrepreneur, integrated living ambassador and writer.

I walked a Camino of the soul during the lockdown ensued by the Covid-19 pandemic…

I am not the person the same person I used to be 10 years ago, 3 years ago or even one year ago. 10 years ago I was a stressed entrepreneur who was a couch potato blaming my inactivity for a lack of time. 

At a challenging time in my life when i was at my lowest ebb, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle. In doing so I changed my life. It was a long slow journey of becoming more active, resulting in running regular half marathons and really becoming a different person. A few years ago when I was lined up to start a race on a chilly winter morning at 5:30 a.m. the race organizer said “Athletes are you ready?” I realised with amazement that I had become an athlete in some shape and form. Since then I have done even more to create a new identity – someone who is healthy and fit, a more confident woman who leads an integrated life and who is an inspiration to many others at the age of 61. 

But what many people don’t know about me is that this was not an easy journey. I had battled eating disorders and yo-yo dieting for many decades. To become more whole involved a journey not just of the body, but of the soul. 

Now when I look at photos of myself from the “olden days” I see somebody who was apologetic, diffident, unsure of herself, complicated and above all – always, always – worrying what other people thought. 

The olden days of 2010

PHOTO-2020-07-03-12-09-09 (1)

I have been on a personal development journey since I was 32 years old.

A few years ago I attended a Mindvalley University Immersion in Tallinn, Estonia. Mindvalley is one of the most influential self-development companies in the world today.

I was not the same person that I am today. Although I was a successful entrepreneur at the time, who had been interviewed on television, radio and magazines, I still battled with an enormous amount of self doubt. My posture was slightly stooped. It was a reflection of my battered self-esteem. Despite all my apparent achievements, I felt hollow inside, unworthy, unsure. 

I posed at the entrance to Mind Valley alongside the poster that said BE EXTRAORDINARY. 

Mindvalley University 2018


At the time, posing alongside this poster I did not feel extraordinary at all – I felt quite small and invisible. Through the exposure to remarkable speakers on all walks of life over an intense two week period I began to see myself in a different light, a light shone by 1000 people from approximately 50 countries who were gathered to learn how to live a more fulfilled and integrated life. I gained an entirely different perspective. I began to understand that I had many gifts that had not been grown or even exposed to the world. 

In the subsequent year I landed up completing more diplomas and writing a chapter in the best-selling Ignite series on Female Leadership published in Canada. This chapter symbolised a whole new chapter of my life. It ignited my love of writing. It felt as if words had been incubating in my soul for decades. Finally they were spilling onto the pages of a book. 

In the last year I have more and more started to speak the words that were incubating inside of me for so long. As I gained more confidence I stepped more and more into the light of my presence to share my journey. 

After attending a further Mindvalley University Immersion in Pula Croatia in 2019, I wrote a poem entitled “Coming Home“. It was published on the Mindvalley Learning website. 

I had been inspired and ignited by so many remarkable global speakers and leaders, amounting to more than 80 incredible speakers and 1000 unique individuals, to live a life of greater richness. I was inspired to touch other people’s lives the way that my life had been touched. 

Now when I stand on stage, I stand on the shoulders of giants – those who gave me the courage to believe in myself. Those who were so real and who spoke from the heart. They were more than speakers they were Agents Of Change. They ignited in me the courage to make a difference. The courage to believe that I was born in this country South Africa for a reason and that I had a role to play, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant. 

As my confidence grew so my influence grew. I was nominated to be on the board of the Johannesburg Chapter of the PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa). In this journey of speaking I continue to learn every week and every month. I surround myself with thought leaders from all over the world. I have a passion to give back. I have a passion to be extraordinary in everything I do. To be the best version of myself every day. 

When I was younger it was instilled in me to be humble at all costs, but I confused humility with having no self-belief. That paradigm stifled my creativity and magnified my self limiting beliefs. I am currently writing a book about my journey to wholeness because I don’t want other people to wait 60 years to start believing in themselves.

We live our lives in patterns. My patterns have changed entirely from the way I wake up in the morning, to the way I move, to the way I show up in the world. 

Dr Joe Dispenza says your personality determines your personal reality. I have entirely changed my personality, body shape and perspective. Above all I have changed the very shape of my soul. 

I live an entirely different life. A life of such abundance and creativity and fulfilment – I didn’t think was even possible. I have stepped into the light of greater visibility so that others can step into their light. I have chosen to become an influencer. I have chosen to step into my fourth career as a coach, writer and speaker. I stepped into the light so that I could shine the light on others. So that I could inspire them to quiet the inner critic that often subsumes us in this complex world in which we live. 

I now surround myself every single day with remarkable global leadership wisdom. It informs everything I do. It unlocks the knowledge of the unique place I have in my world and on this curious planet. 

It is now my passion to unlock YOUR power and your potential so that you can live an EXTRAORDINARY life. 

Words by renowned South African neuroscientist and speaker, Dr. Bill Price.

“The world gave us a ONE of a KIND in Alison Weihe.

I have the privilege to know Alison as a friend, colleague and mentor, so I experience more than just the amazing impact she has on her clients and companies that invite her to speak. She is one of the most dynamic intentionally focused influencers of note that I have met.

Alison’s inner passion is driven by a resolve to serve and undergird the personal development, transformation and breakthroughs in those with whom she professionally engages. She is professional, ethical, worldly, wise and simply amazing in the way she brings her authentic being to bear in everything she does.

She has walked the path – her path – with distinction, courage and bravery and from that backdrop helps others to discover their story and their trajectory, into their future.

Alison is thorough in her research, sound in her preparation, impactful and incisive in her  presentation. She is always focused on helping the participants to consciously admit, adapt, align their inner world to create new well formed outcomes, into the new future they desire.

As National Moderator of the South African Africa Coaches and Mentors Professional Body, COMENSA and as an International Neuroscience Champion and Master Global Executive Leadership and Strategic Coach, I can truly and proudly, say…

Ladies and Gentlemen…. I am honoured, to introduce you to Alison Weihe, a person of note and character, a person with “aliveness in her soul”, and relevance as her foundation!

Get ready… for no disappoints!”

Dr Bill Price

Your Executive Neuroscience Master Global Coach
International Influencer, Speaking with a unique difference, differently.


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