Afikaburn 2023: Surrendering.

You cannot be dissected
Picked apart
You can only be lived
You can only be felt
In the moment
In total presence
In surrendering
To the elements
To the dust
To the wind
To the music
To the incredible art
To the meaning
Of every moment
Of selfless gifting
In this remarkable community
Of Creatives
Working together
In trust, love and sober respect
To create this curious immersion
This altered state
This desert town
Of non-judgement
Of just being
Of serving
And this is what the desert taught me
On the final night
As this beautiful sacred temple
To the ground
Flickering flames devouring
Its messages
Its moments
The messages of loved ones
Photographs of those
Gone too soon
Those who could not stay
Those who had been called to another realm
The flames drowned the lingering
strains of violins played in the temple
Of meditation
Of fervent prayers
Of yearning
Of gratitude
Of regrets
Of hope
Of our Becoming
And as I watched the beautiful temple burn
The figurines looked outwards
Into the vast desert
The temple started to buckle
To crumble
But the figures clung
Slowly burning
Until they could cling no more
And they surrendered
To the dust
Of the desert
And so I surrendered
And stepped into
Alison Weihe

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