Celebrating Who You Are in the Season of Love.

As this is the month for love, I am mindful that people across the globe have been celebrating Valentine’s Day, I am keeping this newsletter short, so that you can focus your time on the relationships that matter. In honour of this season, I am sharing an extract of my book that gives you a glimpse into how I feel about my husband, who has journeyed with me through my most challenging times.

“As the years passed, I fell more in love with Friedel. I saw how incredibly unselfish he was towards our children, animals, the employees at the factory where he worked and strangers. He was patient, gentle and kind and remained an incredibly humble leader, who sure knows how to enjoy life too. Little did I know how much he would teach me to travel lighter in every sense.”

I don’t know where you are along your journey of love and intimacy. Love is not just about intimacy with another person. There were certainly days where I felt brittle and self-love was not part of my vocabulary and yet I am mindful of how critical it is in our lives.

I hope that you will take the time in this month of love to celebrate who you are and the people that you care about.

Thank you for tribing with me.

Alison Weihe

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