Coaching can help us to understand the triggers of past programming and self-beliefs. By examining our past experiences, we can extract meaning and symbolism to provide direction and to create a world of new possibilities. 

Since she was 32 years old, Alison has been navigating a journey of personal development. Exposure to world-class speakers and thought leaders across a variety of fields at Mindvalley Global Summits has deepened and humbled her perspective. Alison now actively pursues the unique opportunity she has to share what she has learnt and to help individuals to grow, to make a difference and live their best lives.

As a coach...

I seek to co-collaborate to extract meaning, symbolism and direction by understanding the triggers of past programming and self-beliefs.

I am privileged to help others on their soul journey, a journey of wanting to be more – more of whatever that is for THEM – an entrepreneur, a mother, a parent,  a person at a crossroads in life, an igniting of a new journey. I inspire others to tell the untold story that heal the world, one conversation at a time.

I seek to help my clients find acceptance in what is rather than clinging to an idealised hope of life as it should be and in that acceptance comes peace and clarity and direction.

I am inspired in my coaching to help young entrepreneurs in South Africa believe in themselves and to grow their dreams, alongside the challenges they face.

Through my coaching, I pay tribute to one of my clients, Sabelo Zondo, who passed away on 28 January 2019. Sabelo worked for our manufacturing company for 18 years before he started his own company called Straight Line Paving. Sabelo wrote this about how coaching helped him believe in himself.

Alison helped me learn the importance of self-confidence, and on how to gain trust from my clients when selling my services. Before working with Alison I could not even hold a proper conversation with clients, but that has changed. This is reflected in the growth of my business and the referrals and appreciation I get from my clients. I have learnt so much in this new entrepreneurial journey and above all, I have found myself.

Sabelo tragically passed away in 2019, but I lived to see him fulfil his dream and that is what drives my passion for coaching and for speaking.

Listening to connect is the most powerful tool for activating the part of the brain that enables growth and who we’ll become next.

My specialities.

The main focus of my coaching and speaking.

Women in entrepreneurship

The feminine energy that is re-writing the entrepreneurial scripts of the modern age are incredible inspiring and valuable, hence my commitment to work with and empower women in entrepreneurship.

Working through transitions

Experiences of adversity offer unique opportunities to grow and take advantage of valuable changes that often seem hidden amidst the adversities.


Alison is living proof that it is never too late to change your life. In her sixties, she looks and feels younger than she did at 50. She speaks about transformation as identity change – changing both habits and mindset to live an intentional life.

a legacy

Legacy is not defined by the end of the road, but rather by the moments shared, the decisions made, the actions taken, and the challenges  overcome to live a life of meaning, to leave a legacy that  our voices matter.

What we'll explore through coaching.

From the boardroom to the comfort of your own home, my coaching translates across a dynamic range of settings, people and projects


After a journey following years of study in leadership coaching, personal development, the neuroscience of communication and exposure to world class global speakers, I have engaged in a journey of giving back through active leadership.


Identifying nuances and subtle shifts in personal and organisational dynamics which allows the understanding of interpersonal presence and how that impacts relationships and the work environment.


Alison, after a long journey as both a political activist, change management consultant and entrepreneur, illuminates a path to discover your inner strengths and transform your leadership to reach new levels of personal success.


Experiences of adversity offer unique opportunities to grow and take advantage of valuable changes that often seem hidden within the difficult circumstances.

Personal Branding

Deepen your understanding of your values and your essence to create a unique combination of skills and experiences that make you who you are.


With years of industry experience, and study of the works of great thought leaders, exploring behavioural patterns are key to unlocking potential and executing action.


Build clarity to deepen your relationships and develop greater intimacy.

Patterns for Power

Developing the ability to explore patterns that can assist you in building your vision.

Dialogue & Story

Story telling is the glue of human connection, which I use to depict and deepen the message I bring to the world. I speak in conversations of the heart. I speak in soul.

How I co-collaborate with my clients.

Areas we explore through coaching.

I collaborate with clients to experience curious new layers of understanding. Through unlocking understanding together we unlock a whole new way of ‘seeing’ and thereafter doing. That is the power of coaching.


Certificates & Memberships.

Alison is a member of COMENSA and adhere to the professional standards and code of ethics of the profession.