My dear friend Nikki Bush, a visionary speaker and author of “Future Proof Yourself” recently wrote about many of us losing our “social fitness”. She said many of us, having been caught in cycles of lockdown and isolation are struggling to get out there again – withdrawing and suffering from what she calls “Shrinking Violet Syndrome”.

I recently realized that while I was going through a deeply reflective time, I was becoming withdrawn and wanting to be invisible. The scary part came when I became comfortable in the darkness of the cave. It became more and more safe to stay there. Isolation bred self-doubt. My courage faltered.

And so began a new journey. The courage to get back in the saddle. To step back into the arena of life. Brene Brown talks about the courage to step into the arena. To risk being visible. To risk being criticized. To risk. To rise. To risk again.

And so, I stepped back into the arena.

Because as Nikki so insightly writes:

“How we frame the stories in our lives is very important. More often than not, we discover more about ourselves and learn the most valuable lessons in our lives at the feet of pain, disappointment, frustration and disruption. If we see these storms as journeys of self-discovery about who we are and how we operate in the world, we can reframe these moments. Dealing with disruption means dancing with change. The doing is part attitude and part skills and action. Reading clever books, gleaning insights from thought leaders, connecting the dots and having ‘aha’ experiences means nothing if you don’t get off the couch or get out of your head and actually do something. Without conscious action you will remain trapped in a prison of your own creation.”

Change is normal. It is not the end of the world – just the end of the world as you know it.”

Nikki Bush from “Future Proof Yourself”.

If you feel like lingering in the darkness of the cave, in the isolation of anonymity take courage.

Take one brave step towards the light.

Take one small action to assist someone else. It will take you out of your world. When you step into the light you will hear the whisper in your soul get louder.

The arena is waiting.

You are not alone.

You came here to make a difference.

Courage is your armor.

Step into the light.

Thank you for tribing with me.

Future-proof Yourself: How to win at work and life

The profound wisdom of a deeply lived life. An utterly inspiring and directional read.

Alison Weihe

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