As an entrepreneur...

I am what Seth Godin calls a 'Bootstrapper entrepreneur' - an entrepreneur that co-founded and built up an award-winning company from scratch with my partner and many amazing teams, to create a successful medium-sized enterprise employing up to 150 people.

I have made my ‘mistakes’ over the past 22 years, but many of those lessons are not to be found in textbooks or business schools.

I have also won many victories and been part of a great team winning countless awards over many years. I have been interviewed on television, radio and in magazines regarding my entrepreneurial journey. I completed an Elite Entrepreneur Diploma after 18 years in business, to ensure that “I know that I know”. My greatest joy as an entrepreneur is seeing others grow and actualise their dreams and potential.

The lessons I share with entrepreneurs through my coaching and speaking often go beyond traditional business strategies. It delves into understanding what drives us, our WHY, our limiting self-beliefs and our past programming.

It is my passion to unlock GROWTH in the country I live in, South Africa. To unlock the growth in individuals because entrepreneurship is the engine room of growth in rebuilding our economy.

The Creative Stone Company.

Founded in 1998

From humble beginnings on a field in Amalgam, The Creative Stone Company has grown into a company of substance and stature in the simulated stone industry. It now employs 100 – 150 people, with an extensive showroom and three factories comprising cobble, flagstone and stone cladding manufacturing plants. The Creative Stone Company developed an exclusive transport and logistic division, as well as in-house design and engineering departments.

The company currently comprises 10 acres of property (44000 square meters) under development including indoor and outdoor showroom areas with further expansion in progress. The Creative Stone Company has also featured in numerous entrepreneurial magazines, including Sunday Times, Celebrating Women in Leadership, FNB Entrepreneurial Magazine & an article by GROW Business Coaching.

It has also featured in the prestigious Top Billing television program twice as well as numerous other magazines and T.V. appearances such as:
Destiny Magazine
SA Homeowner
Radio Interviews
Tuin en Tossel
Keith Kirsten Gardening Programmes
House & Leisure
Woman & Home
Your Family
The Citizen
Business Day

As a creative entrepreneur I was always driven by my passion for design, architecture and Creating Beautiful Spaces. My husband (and business partner) and I travelled all over the world to be inspired by different contexts and different architectural styles. It influenced everything we did. Our slogan remains “Global influence, African passion”. Some of the projects I have personally been involved with over the years, either in design consultation or in photoshoots are embodied below. 

As a company we have been successful in executing a great Legacy succession. 

We have worked with a wonderful coaching company called GROW for the past decade. Our company is now under the vision and growth of a remarkable management team. They execute their vision with science, passion, wisdom and empathy. The company continues to win awards. 

I could not be more proud of them. In doing so they have freed up my time to focus on my new purpose in coaching, writing and speaking.

Some of the wonderful Creative Stone office staff I've worked with over the years


Part of the three Creative Stone production teams producing excellent products


I have learnt so much through my rite of passage of working with amazing teams over 22 years; building different teams, growing a brand and collaborating on a vision. It is this journey that has inspired me to step into my fourth career as a coach, writer and speaker on transformation and leadership.


Gold Award: Homemakers (Stand Design & Excellence)
April 2019Homemakers Expo

Best Small Stand Award: Decorex
November 2018 – Decorex

Silver Award: Homemakers (Stand Design & Excellence)
November 2018 – Homemakers Expo

Silver Award: Homemakers (Stand Design & Excellence)
November 2017 – Homemakers Expo

Silver Award: Homemakers (Stand Design & Excellence)
November 2016 – Homemakers Expo

Silver Award: Homemakers (Stand Design & Excellence)
November 2015 Homemakers Expo

Excellence Award: Decorex
November 2013 – Decorex

Gold Awards: Homemakers 2012 (Stand Design & Excellence)
November 2012 – Homemakers Expo

Overall Winner: Grand Designs (Building Sector)
November 2012 – Grand Designs

Silver Award: Decorex 2009
November 2009 – Decorex

Overall Winner: Decorex 2007
November 2007 – Decorex

Some Projects.

By The Creative Stone Company

From the thousands of projects we have completed, below are a small selection of projects executed by the Creative Stone team. These projects represent the work of our design team or on occasion collaboration with incredible landscape designers. It has been an amazing privilege working in such wonderful homes fulfilling our mission of ``Creating Beautiful Spaces``

Honeydew, Randburg, 2170
+27 (82) 855 2340