Finding your voice and sense of belonging.

Finding your voice isn’t easy. It is as if there are so many voices and responsibilities pulling you in many directions and the loudest voice is often the one that occupies your thoughts. Sometimes your voice, like the spirit, is a “still small voice”. Finding my voice was a journey. A journey of transformation that started when I gave myself permission to write my story. When I gave myself permission to be heard. Writing and speaking gave me a sense of belonging.

For me, speaking is not just a career. It is a calling. I didn’t want to be just another keynote speaker. I wanted to speak beyond performance and to step into presence. It took immense courage for me to breathe life into this journey. And that is what I speak about:

* Courage
* Life
* Belonging

Through my journey, my media team has named me Mamma Gold, and it is an identity I now embrace. In May, I had the honour of delivering a conversational keynote on the art and science of structuring a keynote. I spoke to established professional speakers in Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan.

My greatest tribute was hearing this:

“I have heard many, many global speakers, but I have never heard another speaker speak about speaking from a deeply spiritual perspective. You poured courage into my soul. I never thought I was a keynote speaker, but you gave me a completely different perspective on how I can own my story and how I can impact my journey as a speaker.”

Getting testimonials like this… being present and connecting with my tribe. It is what stirs my spirit. It gives me the courage to continue on my journey.

It makes me realise that there are people all around us who have silenced their voices. People who need to see others stepping into their place of belonging. Whose voices need to be heard.

Thank you to my incredible speaker community for walking this journey with me and giving me the courage to share my voice. To find my sense of belonging.

Mamma Gold

Alison Weihe

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