I Got Lucky.

She was a masseuse in Thailand. She had strong hands. At one stage, she was walking on my back with her sturdy legs, releasing knots of tension.

And as she kneaded my muscles after a long flight from Australia via Singapore, I reflected on how lucky I was.

I reflected on the Science of Gratitude.

How when you are operating in the frequency of gratitude, the whole world responds like an orchestra to amplify your mood.

You notice uplifting signs on the highway.

You see, the deep colours of the sunset or the prisms of light in the grass in the early morning light.

When you are light, you see light.

When you are overwhelmed or anxious, you can no longer see.

Your anxiety becomes the lens of the world.

It becomes THE world.

I used to live in constant anxiety. It drowned out all joy.

It drowned out all possibilities.

It drowned courage; it drowned curiosity.

The adrenaline of fear fueled my body.

“What if “I drowned my voice?

I lived in my head.

The “Barking Dog” of the past transgressions of shame, made me slink into the corner of invisibility, licking the wounds of guilt. Things I could have done better, where I could have been more thoughtful, more conscious, and less oblivious to other’s needs.

The “Barking Dog” of the fear of failure drowned my joy of this very moment and how much I had to be grateful for.I went to countless self – help seminars trying to starve off the feelings of never being good enough. I was the eternal student of Personal Development. But I was always the observer looking in, criticizing myself, comparing myself to other’s who are so much more “ successful”.

It is only when I started living more in my body that my chemistry changed.

The cocktail of anxiety got diluted by my muscles moving. It shifted my cellular intelligence. I started to feel more comfortable in my body. Then my body started changing shape.

Then my soul started changing shape, joy entered, and light came in.

Something shifted when I started living in my body and not in my head.

Now I know that I am living in the field of LUCK.

Except it’s not luck, it’s a conscious choice every day.

To live in celebration, regardless of news, views, or circumstances.

The joy of remarkable relationships and friendships straddling the globe.

The joy of living in a country where I know I can make a difference.

That’s a gift.

But I had to change. I had to become lighter in spirit, in presence.

The Science of Gratitude.

Research has shown that regularly expressing gratitude can have a positive impact on mental health. Grateful individuals tend to experience higher levels of positive emotions, lower levels of stress and depression, and increased life satisfaction. Gratitude promotes resilience, helping individuals cope with challenging situations and setbacks.

Practicing gratitude has been found to strengthen social connections. Grateful people tend to have more fulfilling relationships. Expressing gratitude towards others fosters a sense of appreciation and reciprocity. It also enhances prosocial behavior, leading to increased kindness and generosity.

On a physical level, gratitude has been associated with improved sleep quality, reduced blood pressure, and a stronger immune system.

Various ways to cultivate gratitude include keeping a gratitude journal, writing thank-you notes, expressing gratitude verbally, and engaging in acts of kindness. By incorporating these practices into daily life. We experience the many benefits of living in gratitude.

Cultivating gratitude can lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Because it is only when you see the light, when you live in the light, that you too can become the light. 

Alison Weihe

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  1. I totally enjoyed this piece Ali. _
    – When you are light, you see light. Love it!
    Continue making that choice to be light and become the light. I am learning, so are many others.
    Love Njideka

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