One Night, One Life.

We spent one night in Durban. My husband realized that if I wanted a US visa in time for my May speaking event in Las Vegas, we couldn’t depend on getting an appointment at the crowded Johannesburg office. So he single-handedly rerouted the entire application and arranged to fly to Durban with me to be at the Consulate at 8am on 17 April. Armed with every single document they could want.

And so we are going to Las Vegas! The culmination of a dream come true. A journey which started five years ago when global storytellers touched my life and whispered in my soul that maybe I too had a story to tell!

And so began a journey of writing and speaking. A journey that would forever change the trajectory of my life.

Receiving a personal invitation and this letter from Lady JB Owen, who has received knighthood for her humanitarian work, was the pinnacle of my writing journey. It embodied so much the message of Belonging.

“Writing healed me. I realise now that I am a writer that speaks. That is my true identity. Writing chose me.

Now I choose to live a life worth writing for. A life worth writing about. I choose to step into the light.”

(Excerpt from “Belonging” – being released this Friday)

And as we boarded the plane from Durban back to Johannesburg, this message appeared:

“Your story Matters”

That is why I am going to Las Vegas as a writer that speaks.

To talk about the power of stories to change lives.

Your story matters 💙

Alison Weihe

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