Planting the Forest of Your Dreams.

I recently read a profound message. It was about planting a forest and not a tree. It resonated deeply with me.

Seven years ago, when we started our passion project at our Vaal Farmhouse, it was a fairly barren piece of land. Just a few stunted trees and some wild gum trees down at the shoreline. But we loved its energy. It had a sacred mysticism. The sunsets are sublime. God’s painted skies.

Initially, my husband did not start with renovations of the house. Except for one minor renovation. Stacking doors to allow us to see the water from our bed. So we could see the buck saunter through the grassland down to the water’s edge. So we could see the wild Heron trawling the shoreline. Elegantly poised. Waiting. Patiently. Instead of renovating the house, he had the vision to plant trees. 800 of them.

He knew it would take time for the trees to root. To grow strong.  To build strong stems to withstand the primal winds that tunnel through the grasslands.Only then did we start the long, slow process of renovating the house. In chunks. One phase at a time.Nothing was instant. Everything took time. Sometimes it takes the vision to think beyond the ordinary in order to create the extraordinary.The bird life that has returned,  the nature that has unfolded, was all part of his unseen vision.  A vision that only he could see.

My husband is still planting trees. He says he might never see them some of them grow tall. But someone else will walk in the legacy of his shade. 

Are you planting a few trees as your goals this year? Or are you visioning the forest of your dreams?

Alison Weihe

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