Powerful storytellers, global speakers and thought leaders on the Mindvalley stage forever changed the trajectory of Alison’s life. She came to realize that she was primarily a storyteller with many stories to share.

Winning the 2021 Professional Speaking Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) Speaker Factor competition confirmed Alison’s belief that she had a calling to help others through the power of storytelling. Her keynote speeches focus on entrepreneurship, self-mastery, manifestation, the power of personal branding and visual storytelling, mindset, identity and belonging.

Alison speaks about her own experiences. She crafts stories that resonate with her audience. She tells about the ups and downs of her 24-year entrepreneurial journey Refreshingly, she does so using captivating stories and not statistics. She is passionate about using the power of storytelling to shift human consciousness. She believes in the power of mindset to drive transformation and reinvention.

As an active member of the PSASA – Johannesburg Chapter, Alison has a deep desire to assist young entrepreneurs to develop their voices as thought leaders and game-changers. Her long journey as a change management consultant, entrepreneur, coach, speaker and writer has afforded her a unique window into the South African landscape. 

By sharing her story of self-mastery on stage, Alison inspires her audience to take action and step into the light of who they were truly meant to be.


Current Keynotes.

Below are some keynote ideas that Alison explores through her speaking.

What is integrated living?

As leaders, energy is more important than the words which follow.

Energy is the foundation for all other senses and skills. What many people don’t know is that energy vibration can be learnt and harnessed. By integrating masculine and feminine energies, leaders can tap into a far wider spectrum of persuasion and impact, breaking the ceiling with grace and confidence.

Alison unpacks, through powerful personal story-telling, neuroscience and thought leadership, the role of:

  • Mind and Body Integration
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • Forgiveness and its power to rewrite your history, your present and your future potential
  • How Shame and Imposter Syndrome can diminish our power
  • Humour and how it unlocks compassion
  • Intuition as a GPS
  • Conscious Sexuality and how it feeds creativity and growth
  • Self-belief and its role in manifestation
  •  Understanding how courage works
  • Living in flow: When your values and purpose are aligned
  • Personality is not permanent and why

She teaches leaders how to be more powerful in tapping into both their feminine and masculine energies. She speaks to women on how to tap into their most powerful energies – owning their light with humility and grace to become powerfully confident in a changing environment, where feminine leadership is becoming an increasingly powerful tool.

First Impressions: The Power of Presence.

First Impressions are as important as lasting Impressions.

'I wanted to change the world but I had no influence, no power of persuasion. I battled depression, yo-yo dieting, complexity and eating disorders to re-emerge as an Ambassador for Health and Integrated living, and as an Ambassador for Influence and Persuasion.'

'I wanted to change the world but I had no influence, no power of persuasion. I battled depression, yo-yo dieting, complexity and eating disorders to re-emerge as an Ambassador for Health and Integrated living, and as an Ambassador for Influence and Persuasion.'

After a 22-year journey of Entrepreneurship, Alison shares not only the Corporate and Personal Branding lessons she has learnt, but how to pivot these in a more virtual world.

As a qualified Image and Styling Consultant as well as a Personal Branding strategist, Alison unpacks:

Part One: First Impressions

Dress, Discipline, Preparation, Content, Professionalism, Clarity of Message, the power of imagery and story-telling.

Part Two: Lasting Impressions

  • The power of Persuasion rather than Performance.
  • The power of becoming an agent of change, rather than an expert in ego.
  • It’s all about your audience, it’s not about YOU, yet you are the medium for them to access the message.

The Neuroscience of Speaking with
Persuasion and Impact.

How to be a solutions-based relevant speaker/leader. How to unlock the power of your audience and how to facilitate participants' experiences beyond listening to absorbing, adapting and acting.

Part One: The Foundation - Knowing your audience

  • Professionalism
  • Expertise
  • Presence
  • Body language
  • Storytelling
  • Confidence
  • The Power of the Pause

Part Two: Breaking the ceiling of higher-level speaking through understanding the neuroscience of speaking and coaching and speaking to coach.

  • Audience service to Audience Experience
  • Performance to Persuasion
  • Insight to Influence
  • Automatically creating word of mouth referrals and testimonials
  • How to value your cause, live your message, be your BRAND

Visual Storytelling.

Alison uses a powerful and riveting personal story to unlock the power of visual storytelling by focusing on elements of:

  • Structure
  • Action
  • Characters
  • Textures
  • Language
  • Emotions
  • Meaning
  • Symbolism

Alison draws on her experience of global speakers at the Mindvalley stage to explore how personal visual storytelling impacts audiences and shifts perceptions. She interacts with her audience to get them to explore how visual storytelling can impact and influence the message they wish to bring to the world.


Professional Speaking Association of Southern Africa | Johannesburg Chapter

The PSASA is a community committed to learning and growing, and sharing ideas with a greater audience. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be an active part of the PSASA community as it is a real catalyst toward my learning and growth as a speaker, entrepreneur and writer.

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