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Updates on Alison's speaking, coaching and entrepreneurship.

Paradigms & Perspectives

We live our lives in patterns.  Where we live, where we shop, how we exercise, how we brush our teeth, how we socialize, how we

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Fitting in

Fitting In

Growing up, I never felt like I fitted in. I thought I had been delivered to the wrong address. How could I be so different?

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What Business are you in?

What business are you in?

In loving memory of Nick Fisher. Nov 1948 – March 2021 A tribute to a remarkable man. An extraordinary man, Nick Fisher, forever influenced our

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First Impressions

A long time ago before we started our company (now 25 years old), my husband, Friedel was working for his brother in a very successful

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On Intimacy

My husband and I were recently asked to be on a podcast. The interviewer Gadifele Moeng, wanted to know the secret of our immensely happy

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I welcome feedback now. I did not use to. I used to be defensive, guarded and critical. In the quiet recesses of my mind, I

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Identity and Wisdom

As my journey of deepening the understanding of “my world” in my attempt to navigate “the world” in which I find myself, so my curiosity

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