When I first met my husband, Friedel, he had been working and travelling overseas for four years. I had been studying and working in England for a year and travelling around Europe in brief breaks.

It was Friedel’s adventuring spirit and his love of animals that drew us together.

He had been working in construction in Uganda, Pakistan and in the UK, converting old barns into magnificent homes that went on to win awards.

He had travelled overland through Africa for 7 months.

I fell in love with his stories; I fell in love with his calm gentleness, his love of nature and trees and animals. Above all, he made me feel safe.

But I never knew that 30 years later, we would be able to live this nomadic life.

When we started our company 25 years ago, everyone laughed at us. “What do Friedel and Ali know about running a company?” They said.

We worked really hard for twenty years, then it got a lot easier with a great management team and a great staff supporting our dreams in our sixties.

Our honeymoon was a camping trip through Africa in an old Golf car with a tiny tent. For many years, we were focused on building our company and raising children.

To travel again now is our greatest privilege.

If you have a dream, don’t let others’ perceptions of you rob you of your dreams.

You might never know where your travels will lead you.

Alison Weihe

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