Are you on a journey to actualise your highest self in your work, relationships, health and creativity?

Hi, I'm Alison.

A little of my story.

I am a transformational and leadership coach, entrepreneur, integrated living ambassador, speaker and writer who has a passion for helping people uncover their courage and their purpose; to live their best life.

I am not a “Speaker”, I am a Truth-Teller. Merely my Truth. I would never be that arrogant to call it The Truth. Because we are all products of our culturescapes. I only talk about my embodied experiences. I craft stories that have meaning and resonance because that is where I have found the deepest meaning in my life.

I share my journey, on stage and in my writing, so that you can be inspired.So that you can heal. So that you can step into the light of who you were truly meant to be. Without limiting beliefs, with less crippling fear, or utterly numbed by the fear of your own unprecedented power.

I have lived an interesting life. From working in the poorest townships in Cape Town to the wealthiest suburbs in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have been a Sociologist (and still am at heart) a Political Activist, a Journalist, a Media Organiser and Designer, a Change Management Consultant, and now an Entrepreneur for 22 years. I am what Seth Godin calls a “Bootstrapper Entrepreneur”, building up a company from a field in Amalgam to an award-winning company featuring in entrepreneurial magazines, on radio and on television.

I have undergone a massive personal transformation. From a stressed, introverted, complex, much heavier bloated workaholic, to an athletic Ambassador for Integrated Living.

I have walked the road less travelled. It has taken me to different culturescapes, to cross continents, to understand our common humanity.

I have walked my own Camino of the Soul.

I have been inspired, humbled and forever altered by Global Speakers and Thought Leaders on the Mind Valley Stage. They gave me the courage to step onto my own stage – the Stage of Life – and share my journey to wholeness.

I am a Curious Explorer of “Conscious Entrepreneurship” and what I call “Identity Intelligence”.

I am known as “The Re-invention Revolutionary”. But to you, I’m just Alison…someone who can untether your untapped potential and help you unleash your magnificence into the world.

As an active member of the PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa), I have a deep desire to assist young entrepreneurs to develop their voices as thought leaders and game- changers.

My keynotes focus on:
Entrepreneurship, Self-Mastery, The Power of Personal Branding and Visual Story-telling.

I continue to write and speak on issues that challenge us to create a world of greater understanding, a kinder and more compassionate place.

As a speaker I am a conduit for growth and expansion.

Keynote Speaking.

Furthering the global leadership dialogue an applying its lessons in Southern Africa.

As a Board member of the PSASA (Professional Speaking Association of Southern Africa) - Johannesburg Chapter, I have a deep desire to assist young entrepreneurs to develop their voices as thought leaders and game-changers. My long journey as a change management consultant, entrepreneur and now coach and speaker has afforded me a unique window into the South African landscape.

My current Keynotes

  1. What is empowered Feminine Leadership?
  2. First Impressions: The Power of Presence
  3. The Neuroscience of Speaking with Persuasion and Impact
  4. Visual Story-Telling
  5. Manifestation: Mystery and Science

Showreel on Manifestation.

A short, 15 minute presentation on the neuroscience of manifestation to the PSASA Speaker's Mastermind - A Call To Action for Speakers.

Are you ready to uncover your courage and purpose to realise your full potential?


Growth experiences that produce real, measurable results.

My long journey as a political activist, change management consultant, entrepreneur and now coach and speaker has afforded me a unique window into the reality and complexity of the South African landscape. Since the age of 32 I have been navigating a transformation journey. My exposure and experience at Mind Valley Global Summits with world class speakers and thought leaders across a variety of fields has deepened and humbled my perspective. Now I am actively pursuing the unique opportunity to share what I have learned and help individuals grow, make a difference and live their best lives. Below are just a few areas of the many we explore through my coaching and speaking.


After a journey following years of study in leadership coaching, personal development, the neuroscience of communication and exposure to world class global speakers, I have engaged in a journey of giving back through active leadership.


Experiences of adversity offer unique opportunities to grow and take advantage of valuable changes that often seem hidden within the difficult circumstances.


With experience as both a political activist, change management consultant and entrepreneur, I have learnt how to illuminate a path to discover your inner strengths and transform your leadership behaviours to reach new levels of personal success.


Reignite your integrated masculine and feminine power to deepen your relationships and develop greater intimacy.

Through coaching we extract meaning, symbolism and direction by understanding the triggers of past programming and self-beliefs creating a world of new possibilities.

Luminous Leadership.

After a decade in change management in different forms, followed by a twenty two year journey of co-founding and building up an award-winning company, I have engaged in a journey of giving back – a journey following years of study in leadership coaching, personal development, the neuroscience of communication and exposure to world class global speakers.

I am privileged to help others on their soul journey, a journey of wanting to be more – more of whatever that is for THEM – an entrepreneur, a mother, a man or woman at a crossroads in life, a speaker, a writer, an igniting of a new journey. Luminous Leadership is the brand I’ve created to encapsulate my coaching, writing and speaking journey. Luminous Leadership is indicative of the journey I have been on and aim to inspire in others; to step into their light so that they, too, may shine.


Jessica Fish, Designer and Photographer

When I first met Alison I was instantly made to feel comfortable and at ease. I have never received coaching before and this was an exceptional experience. After many years of seeing different psychologists I was left disheartened and lost. Alison's coaching was far more effective and helpful. Her intuitive process made things run smoothly and easier and I was able to connect to her and my own issues at hand. I am eternally grateful to her and her words of encouragement and wisdom. She was willing to share her life so I could understand my own. She is an actual angel on this earth.

Nicole Conway, Medical Industry

When I first met alison I was so drawn to her peacefulness and confidence. She was so cheerful and content. She was oozing all the things that I was lacking and so desperate to find. She was willing to share her journey with me and was willing to help me find myself. After our first consultation we uncovered a lot of baggage that was weighing me down. I finally learned how to let go and forgive the past. She helped me understand why I reacted to certain situations the way I did and how to turn that all around to work in my favour. I don't feel like my emotions control me anymore and I feel like I'm overcoming so much. I'm so grateful for Alison and I'm excited for the journey that I'm on and I'm looking forward to continuing working with her.

Bronwyn Taylor, Engen Franchise Owner and Entrepreneur

When I first met Alison at a gym,I knew it was for a special purpose. We clicked as Alison was a seasoned and inspirational entrepreneur, who was in business with her husband. Alison possessed a wealth of knowledge that she was willing to share with others in a transformative way. She wanted to see others grow and develop to be successful in their businesses, with a balance in their personal and family life. Alison was Real. At a crossroad in my life, Alison assisted me in an empathetic, gentle non-judge mental and honest manner to overcome my deep rooted fears that were impacting on my business and personal life. Alison assisted me to find my compass and direction again. Her personality and her deep process became a luminous lamp for me. I highly recommend Alison as a coach. She is a fountain of inspiration and hope for the past, present and future generations.

Sabelo Zondo, Founder of Straightline Paving

As an employee I was not confident. I always thought I was never good enough. After starting my own business, Alison helped me learn the importance of self-confidence, and on how to gain trust from my clients when selling my services. Before working with Alison I could not even hold a proper conversation with clients, but that has changed. This is reflected in the growth of my business and the referrals and appreciation I get from my clients. I have learnt so much in this new entrepreneurial journey and above all, I have found myself.

Tasha Tollman, Founder of DIY Online Gardening

I consulted Alison during an uncertain time in my life where I felt I was losing direction and my belief in myself was at an all time low. Through listening, question and offering practical insights from her own journey of building up a highly successful company, Alison was quickly able to assess the situation and help me clarify my thoughts. She is part strategist, part thought provoker and part cheerleader and she masterfully evoked each of these roles as she supported and guided me in finding a renewed clarity of purpose. Since our meeting I and my business have grown considerably and I'm nowing living in flow. I'm grateful to have worked with her during a challenging time in my life and I will definitely be consulting with her again!

Amanda Khumalo, Founder of Imbatho Creations

Alison has really been a God-sent angel in my life. She has been a woman that I look up to and is the most giving person I have ever come across. Not only of her time but also her wisdom and knowledge. Looking at my life right now I can say I have conquered, I took that leap of faith. Fear and comfort paralysed me in seeing my true potential. The support I got from Alison was truly amazing, she introduced me to a Fashion and Image Consultant Course that took out the hunger I had in me to follow my passion in fashion design. I have since started a business in Clothing Manufacturing & I am the proud owner of Imbatho Creations. It might not be where I want it to be but it has given me a sense of fulfilment and empowerment... there’s no stopping me now, my journey has just begun.

Katherine Mary Pichulik, Founder, CEO and Global Designer of Pichulik

The coaching I have received from Alison has married the emotional intelligence, managerial experience and self inquiry required to thrive within my personal and business capacity. The questions, combined with the mirroring invited me to self reflect upon patterns and themes that governed my operating mechanism in life. Through this awareness gave me the opportunity to adjust these ways of being and thinking in order to take back my power and choose how I wish to manifest my experience.

Karen Landi, Community Hours

Sometimes when immersed in the daily whirlwind of life, it’s very difficult to see the wood of the trees. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and to feel out of control. To interact with, and experience, the insight and wisdom of a coach is invaluable, especially when it allows you to gain a fresh perspective and see the things that were perhaps there the whole time. Coaching provides different lens and a healthy, balanced outlook. Alison Weihe provided me with fresh insights and perspectives. Coaching has been a tonic - helping me to recharge and revitalise. What an invaluable process. Thank you, Alison.

Cindy Jordaan, Founder of HR & Labour Consulting

Alison Weihe facilitated an amazing growth process for me. She assisted me not only to find short comings in my business but also to find solutions to personal challenges. Her mentoring and coaching skills were of immense value to me. The time we spent were life changing for me. Her empathy and the journeys she has walked in life contributes to a coaching model that is effective, inspiring and that facilitates co-creation of effective solutions. I would recommend her with an open heart.

As a writer...

I write from the heart; I write about transformation; I write about my lived experiences.

I write about kindness and compassion; I write about my soul’s journey. That might sound trite and somewhat superficial, but my journey to wholeness has been a long night of the soul, a long walk to freedom. I could not have envisaged living a life of such abundance and happiness, of such purpose and clarity had I not undergone such a long, contorted, convoluted road, a road less travelled, but one for which I am eternally grateful because it has taught me some profound lessons in life.

I continue to be a constant student of growth.

As the great leadership coach, John C. Maxwell says “Growth precedes greatness.” The older I become and the more thought leaders I am surrounded by, the less I feel I know, but the more I know about myself.

After having contributed to the best-selling Ignite Series, published in Canada, I am now working on my first full book on my journey to wholeness, titled Fear Less – Changing the Shape of my Soul.

I am also contributing to a book, being published in Holland, on roots and how our familial patterning and programming can contribute to our limiting self-beliefs and how we can transform and move beyond these.

Finally, I am working with a well known neuroscientist on a collaborative book about speaking with persuasion and impact so as to heal fractured lives, create influence and become an agent of change. This is fuelled by my own transformation and the incredible effect some global speakers have had on my life and my journey.

As an ambassador for integrated living...

I battled for decades with low self-esteem, yo-yo dieting, bulimia and undiagnosed depression.

I have changed my life entirely. I am literally not the same person I used to be. I made a conscious decision at 52 to change my life. It was hard at first. I had been a stressed entrepreneur claiming to never have the time to exercise. I started working out slowly. I hated it for the first year. Literally. I groaned and moaned and then something shifted and I started to like myself more. Then I started running and doing half-marathons. Then I started yoga, swimming and water aerobics. And then weights. And now I have transformed my outer shape from a sedentary pear shape to an athletic inverted triangle.

I am fitter that I have been my whole life. I eat a predominantly raw, plant-based diet. I am radiant and vibrant. But more than that, I have changed the shape of my soul. I am no longer complex and introverted. I speak on stage, not just about health and transformation, but about self-belief and manifestation. 

I talk about integrated living not just from a physical perspective but from a mental health and spiritual perspective. My family is the source of my inspiration and that is what I love about Mind Valley. In the Mind Valley tribe family is the foundation of their values. 

This is the beautiful family i have today. I used to be insecure, living constantly in anxiety, self-doubt, shame and guilt. Even my relationship with money was tainted. My brokenness influenced every aspect of my life. In my desire to “control at all costs” I was unwittingly manipulative.

After studying and experiencing many life-altering moments I became more aware and conscious. Studying Conscious Parenting under Dr. Shefali Tsabary I understood connection and surrender versus control and manipulation.

“Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you, and they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

Our children inspire me everyday to be the best version of myself. They are highly intelligent, creative, talented, humble and kind. They want to make the world a better place. 

After studying the work of Esther Perel and many others on relationships and Conscious Sexuality, I became more aware and conscious of my sensuality and sexuality as part of being fully whole. 

My husband and I have an uncannily close and intimate (but not codependent) relationship. Both of us have been on a parallel long soul journey. To live a life of such intimacy and ecstasy is rare after 27 years of marriage. When I became more whole, my marriage changed and evolved. 

Everything is connected. Everything. I endeavour to be a more conscious mother, wife, business partner, colleague, friend and soul traveler in this curious integrated journey of life.

I have changed the IDENTITY of who I am and who I am becoming. And in doing so, I inspire others to step into their light.

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